The Bray - Brass - Essential Oil Rack

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The Bray - Brass - Essential Oil Rack
The Bray - Brass - Essential Oil Rack
The Bray - Brass - Essential Oil Rack
The Bray - Brass - Essential Oil Rack
The Bray - Brass - Essential Oil Rack

****We are currently out of stock on hand, however we are anticipating these to be done and ready to ship on 12/14/2020 (there could be delays however).  If you purchase prior to 12/14/2020 your order is a pre-order and your order will be shipped out as early as possible (ideally 12/14 to 12/16).  UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THIS WILL BE DELIVERED PRIOR TO CHRISTMAS due to shipping times.  Do not order if that is not acceptable to you and your timeline.****

Y'all. This isn't just like any essential oil rack you have seen on the market before! It truly is a centerpiece of a room...your room.  The Bray is our original rack design, hence we named it after our first born.....seemed fitting.

This rack is made from metal and is powder coated in brass and features pine wood shelves that are coated in a protective varnish. 

It's a perfect blend of functionality and style.  Turn your essential oil collection into a work of art or the centerpiece of your room/office.


37" Tall
26" Wide
5.5" Deep
5 Shelves in total
Each shelf holds 29 bottles for a total capacity of 145 bottles (either 5ml or 15ml). 
Each circular cutout on shelves is 1.25" in diameter and .25" in depth 
**Assembly is required** But it's pretty easy and it comes with instructions
**It's important to note that all of these are handmade and may have and some may contain small imperfections**
***Please note if you purchased a rack prior to 05/01/2020, the color of this batch may not match perfectly (if you are planning to have them side by side) , there is also a slight difference in the wall-feet.***

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